“Wu Jai picked tempestuously through the garish scavenged fabrics and poorly occluded light that soaked its way by means of the Esterian moon through to her austere lodgings. She had promised Zabra that her performance at the Black Bard would be a triumphant one, and with the pressure given freely by this thought she dispensed with the pretense of equanimity and resolved to furiously rip apart her already immodest room.

Having given herself in a near saint-like fidelity to the uncertainties of shameless sloth and insouciance the Goddess had truly cause to misplace her only tie to life, her flesh crafted Asherun’Al Dulcimer.

Zabra himself was hoping for a truly inimitable and inspired performance, in fact he was depending on it… But as far as his senses were concerned, the mellifluous notes that have seen the exhumed ancient sensations of the most hardened of men may have well fallen on deaf ears, for his rendezvous was to be with the conduct of the ones who stalk the nights of the city."

Records of Anarest is a tactical sandbox style role playing game campaign set in the city state of Esteria situated at the forefront of the conflicts of the Terlian and the people of Aveh.
The players themselves are a rag tag group of adventurers, clerics, mercenaries and players in the slums of Esteria.


Records of Anarest XVII